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Aug 4

A Look at 4 Properties Of Stranded Copper Wires

Posted on Aug 4, 2019

Copper wires are also called Universal wires. They have virtually seeped into every electrical and mechanical gadget that runs on electricity. Be it a battery powered gadget or running on renewable resources, the loss of electricity is least in these wires. The wires that rank higher than the stranded copper wires are called the super-conductors. The versatility of the wires made from copper is attributed to the molecular structure and various properties. Its place in periodic table gives it supreme authority in terms of the electrical & heat conductivity. In addition to the thermal conductivity, the stranded wires made of copper also come with a distinct set of properties that guarantee their popularity.


We tell you some of the key properties that Stranded copper wires exhibit.

• Widespread Alloy Portfolio:

Alloying properties make copper the most compatible metal to be used as wires. It can be clubbed with almost every other metal. The alloying properties are used to develop new families of electrical wires, thin films, sheets, foils and even fibres. Popular metals that can be alloyed with stranded forms of copper wires are tin, zinc, nickel and aluminium. Brass and bronze are the oldest forms of alloys made from copper that are used not just as wires but also as ornaments.

The Stranded Copper Wires made using alloys are fortified with good conductivity and thermal properties. They also achieve good hardness without raising its weight. Light wires with same properties are preferred with uniform mechanical strength.

• Resistance to Corrosion:

The stranded copper wires are best in conditions plagued with moisture and abrasive compounds. They are resistant against dampness and rust. They are useful items used in any weather condition at any given temperature in any environment. It is concluded that since copper is placed relatively low in the Reactivity Series of the Periodic table, it can be used as wires in electric kettles, conductor pipes, cables and radiator units.

• Resistance to Bacterial growth:


Stranded copper wires are safe from the contagious bacterial growth and pests. These wires remain shielded from the notorious micro-organisms like bugs and Legionella, E coli, burger etcetera. For this exact reason, the stranded wires are used in the manufacturing of the medical instruments. They are also widely used in stitching wounds, and repairing bones. It’s another significant use emerges in the field of Human Resource. Electronic units and sensors used in biometric recognition system use copper wires. When concealed behind false walls and ceilings, the anti-bacterial properties retain their electrical conductivity and the thermal conductivity.

• Supreme Welding Properties:

Sometimes the high-tension overhead power transmission lines snap because of weather conditions or collision with vehicles. During these circumstances, the copper wires can be soldered to other metals and effectiveness is restored. The soldering ability of copper is supreme; this is the reason stranded copper wires in widely used in electrical circuits. The stranded copper wires are fused and the circuit gets completed. The use of stranded copper wire ensures that they can be recycled and reused with the same effect as in their original forms.

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