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Aug 4

Stranded Copper Wires Paving The Way For New Era of Power Transmission

Posted on Aug 4, 2018

The current crop of cooper wires are light weight and super-efficient in their engineering and operations. The nanotechnology scientists have designed a special stranded copper wire that can act as a capacitor. It not only transmits current but also store electricity. It is actually a single, ultra-light copper wire. It is the probable solution to the power transmission and storage crisis. With increasing demand for quality power, the lightweight stranded copper wires are definitely the ‘window of opportunity’ into the future.

Emerging Generation:


The modern era of smart gadgets and Nano-sized electrical appliances is pushed by the engineering and metallurgical advancements being made in the segment of copper wires. With smarter technologies at disposal, the ultra-light stranded copper wires are worthy investment into the emerging generation of wired gadgets. From alarm clocks to MP3 players, the mobile appliances with back-up power supply can be a reality with lightweight stranded copper wire in place.

Solar cells:

The biggest challenge that comes in the way of optimizing the electricity from solar cells is ready conversion and storage. The lightweight stranded copper wires manufactured using Nano-technology can resolve the issue of transmitting the energy harnessed from solar cells instantly. It can drive the small equipment efficiently. During emergency situation, it can also be used as an alternate power supply.

Jump start a car:

The copper wires running as an electricity storage unit can jump-start a dead car. It is useful in cold climates when the ignition takes little longer to light up than usual. It can also save the consumption of battery power and minimize the effect of temperature on the ignition of the vehicle. The copper wires can also be used in hybrid vehicles as well as the ones running on solar cells with great ease.

Transmitting electricity over larger distances:


The efficiency of power transmission system across a grid depends on the output achieved at remote locations. If there is a fluctuation of power at remote places, the efficiency is low. It mostly happens due to faulty power lines and electrical losses. With Nano-technology in place to store electricity in a single cooper wire, the power losses can be minimized to zero. It automatically translates to an efficiency of one-hundred percent. With latest cutting edge Nano-technology being used to make stranded copper wire, the people living in remote places and poverty-ridden zones can enjoy the benefit of ever-lasting electricity.

Less pressure on fossil fuels:

With greater storage options and back up in place, the companies will rely less on the fossil fuels.The pressure will shift from the coal and petroleum companies to those extracting energy of the sun, wind and water.

Rapid advancement:

Copper wires are likely to pave way for other metal conductors in the series of energy storage units manufactured using Nano-technology. The advancement will give birth to the special fibres and portable gadgets. Even the cars will get smaller in size with no dependence on heavy storage units and depleting battery charge.

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