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Jul 17

Braided Copper Wires:Boon to Home, Commerce and Industry

Posted on Jul 17, 2018

Copper is a chemical element denoted as Cu, derived from Latin word cuprum. It is soft and malleable and bears attractive properties such as good corrosion resistance, excellent work ability and has the best electrical and thermal conductivity as compared to any other commercial metal. Its exposed surface has reddish-orange color. The metal and its alloys have numerous applications and can be used in cooking utensils, power transmission lines, building material, plumbing, architectural applications and the list goes on and on.

Braided Copper Wires

It also serves as an essential nutrient in animal and human body and is present in tissues, liver, muscles and bones and acts as co-factor in various enzymes. Another important property is that it is cent percent recyclable and does not lose its properties, therefore even its scrap is sold at high prices.

Few of the important characteristics are discussed below:

Best Thermal Conductor

This can be explained by the fact that if one end of this metal is heated at certain temperature, the temperature reaches the other end quickly. Its thermal conductivity is 394W/mK, which is twice as that of aluminum and thirty times as that of stainless steel. Therefore it is an essential component in various manufacturing industries and building projects. Simple examples of Braided Copper Wires uses are in TV sets, saucepan bottoms, air conditioners, car radiators etc.

Best Electrical Conductor

Copper Wires

It is a measure of how well a material allows electricity to pass through it without much loss in energy, and this metal has superior conductivity of 59.6×10⁶ S/m making it essential for manufacturing products. Amongst 65% of its produce is utilized for electrical application which includes transmission of electricity and power generation. The cables used for transmission should be thick so that it does not melt while transmitting electricity.

Copper is oldest metal known to mankind and is used in clocks and watches, coinage metal, gaskets in machinery, computer circuits etc. Various role played by this noble metal to meet the challenges of today’s life are:

Resist growth of Bacteria

Though it’s an essential nutrient in bacteria, high doses of this metal can kill bacterial cells. This metal retards the growth of harmful bacteria such as E.coli, MRSA and legionella. It is advantageous if surfaces are made of this metal or its alloy and is even used for netting in aquaculture industries. Water tubes made from this metal keeps water clean and when utilized in appropriate concentration can even be used as fungicides and wood preservatives.

Used in wide range of work

Aluminum Wire and products made from this metal are easy to work with as it can be bent, molded to form frames, structures and can be joined by brazing and soldering. It can withstand fire and has melting point of 1083°C. It is used by architects and designers as its soft and has reddish and orange tinge.

Corrosion resistance

Copper Wire does not rust by steam or water so is safe for drinking water, marine, construction and real estate industry also making it durable and cost effective.

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