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Aluminium Wire / Rod

Aluminum wire/rod has witnessed an upwards swing in its demand after the era of 90’s. Before that, it was copper wire that was enjoying a leading position. When copper wire prices began escalating, companies began looking for a cheaper alternative and that is how aluminum wire/rod began grabbing the attention of various utility companies. Aluminum wire/rod gains an upper hand over copper wire in various aspects. For an instance, it weights lighter than copper, it features more flexibility and it is less pricey in comparison to the copper. Due to the same reason, its integration in the applications related to power grid has been quite impressive.

Uses of Aluminum wire/rod:

• It is extensively used by electrical industry
• It is widely used by manufacturing industry
• It is used in the manufacture of cables
• It is used in diverse engineering applications

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Ganpati Wires is engaged in the production of quality-oriented aluminum wire/rod and due to the same, it has been successful in earning spur from its esteemed clients. In a very short span of time, Ganpati Wires has been able to take various clients into confidence by its quality offering. Our entire lot of wires undergo through various testing processes, in order to ensure that they will be able to deliver impeccable performance. In order to obtain more information related to the above mentioned product and other products, please feel free to contact us or drop us a mail. We would love to satiate your curiosity by serving you in a best possible manner.

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