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Copper Pipes

Copper pipes play key role in numerous electrical appliances. Quality is of-course that important factor which determines the performance of electrical appliance featuring copper wires. Ganpati Wires understand the significance of the quality and that is the reason, it has been successful in earning accolades by offering properly polished, world-class quality and strong copper pipes.

Uses of Copper Pipes:

• They are used in Refrigeration
• They are used in diverse Electrical applications
• They are used Water supply
• They perform a key role in Interior decoration related works
• They are used in Heat exchangers
• They are used in Plumbing
• They are used in Solar appliances

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Ganpati Wires takes immense pride in stating that it does take utmost care of quality aspect by ensuring strict quality check. Copper pipes manufactured by us are resistant to thermal expansion, weather changes and fluctuations in atmosphere. Due to featuring too many incredible properties, copper pipes are gaining more popularity in comparison to other metals like silver, aluminum, etc. In order to gain more information related to copper pipes and other products related to super enamelled copper winding wires, please feel free to contact us or drop us a mail. We would be glad to serve you with the required information in a best possible manner.

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