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Why Choose Us?

Since 1977, we are a part of this industry and due to the same reason, we have been able to garner a valuable experience. There are various parameters on basis of which, we have been able to carve out a unique identity. Let’s have a glance on those parameters that give you numerous reasons to count on us:

Finest infrastructure: Apparently, infrastructure is the backbone of any company and Ganpati Wires does understand this fact very well. We have left no stone unturned in developing the best infrastructure. Besides possessing well-equipped manufacturing unit, featuring all sophisticated and cutting-edge machinery and tools, we also do possess a laboratory equipped with all facilities and modern equipment exclusive advanced machines to test the quality of products and in-house design.

Why Choose Us

Quality control measures: We own a resourceful testing laboratory wherein various products undergo strict tests for assuring superior quality. We lay a strong focus on research and development as we strive for offering innovative solutions related to the products to our customers. Our laboratory is equipped with those facilities that assure testing of diverse materials by taking into consideration, both the aspects, physically and chemically. Besides quality testing, we also give utmost importance to the selection of the materials, inspection of quality control process and superior packaging

Prompt Delivery: Without prompt delivery, all efforts go in vain and Ganpati Wires does understand this very well and due to the same, it ensures timely delivery to its esteemed clients so that they don’t have to face any kind of hassles.

Network: Running a successful business is all about developing a resourceful network and Ganpati Wires takes immense pride in stating that it does possess a wide network including several reputed logistics companies that do follow the value system, believed by the company.

Finest infrastructure
Quality control measures
Prompt Delivery
Handling Bulk Orders
Pan India and Worldwide delivery
Extensive range of products
Low Cost

Handling Bulk Orders: Handling bulk orders is no cakewalk but for Ganpati Wires it becomes possible due to owning a sound and powerful infrastructure, resourceful network, efficient quality control measures, etc.

Pan India and Worldwide delivery: Ganpati Wires is capable in delivering products all across the globe.

Extensive range of products: Our product range includes Bare Copper Wire, Copper Braided Wire, Tinned Braided Wire, Tin Coated Copper Wire, Tinsel Wire, Silver Braided Wire, etc.

Low Cost: We believe in extending our customer base by providing products at most competitive rates.

Certification: We are glad to state that we do possess all certifications and various other certificates that highlight our credibility.

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