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Ganpati Wires takes immense pride in stating that it is among the best certified manufacturers of copper wires. Quality is among those few criteria that allow a company to carve out a unique identity and create a strong goodwill. Keeping quality factor intact that too by meeting with the customized requirements of our esteemed clients, is our specialty. We strive to meet the requirements of diverse domains like locomotives, power stations, electrical transforms, railways, etc in a best possible manner. We have been capable in creating an identity as one of the most reliable wire suppliers in India by developing an extremely dynamic team that not only possess an expertise and experience but is also capable of coming up with innovative solutions related to the various products.

For maintaining superior quality, Ganpati Wires adopts various tactics that include various methods related to Quality testing and Quality assurance. We have garnered those facilities that ensure testing of material in both manners, physically and chemically.

Ganpati Wires Quality
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Following are the various steps related to the quality, followed by us:

• Conducting required tests related to quality aspect, of raw materials
• Conducting inspection at every single stage of the production process
• Checking all the aspects of the products once they finish the process of final packing
• A stringent compliance with the measures related to the quality control, pace, accuracy and selection

By gaining a sufficient knowledge and by equipping cutting-edge technology, we aim to be a frontrunner of our respective domain. Our mission is to offer world-class quality products to our valuable clients by following various practices related to the quality assurance. Whatever be the situation, we are determined to never ever make any kind of compromise regarding quality aspect because we know that customers’ faith is the only competitive advantage that can lead us towards our aim of being a leading supplier of copper wire products

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