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Braided Flexible Copper Wire – Round/Flat

Braided copper wire is gaining popularity since many industries now prefer to use this in the manufacturing of superior quality electrical products. Ganpati Wires recognized the potential of braided copper wire and began manufacturing the same. Though it has been recognized as a metal featuring exceptionally high thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity from earlier times, but its popularity has increased tremendously in past few years. Ganpati Wires strives to offer a superior quality braided copper wire for those various industries that are engaged in the manufacturing of electrical appliances containing low and high volt and industries engaged in producing chemicals.

Uses of Braided copper wire:

• It is widely used in the manufacturing of low and high volt electrical appliances.
• It is extensively used in devices meant for mining explosions.
• It is used in the production of proof switches
• It is used in automobile industries
• It is used in marine industries

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Braided copper wires are manufactured by either braiding or mixing silver coated wires, tin coated copper wires and other similar kind of varieties. However, the quantity in which other variety of wire is being mixed generally depends on the usage type. It is normally being used in the manufacturing of those products which demand for higher flexibility and convenience in usage. Beyond any reasonable doubt, flexibility is the strongest appeal due to which this kind of copper wire is considered as the most suitable variety of wire for the products like jewelries, speakers, headphone cables, etc.

Apart from that, it is also extensively used in deep sea operations. It is mainly available in the structure of shielding cable, control panel, wire assembly, soldering wire, switch gear, etc. It is apparent that quality is that factor which should be given the topmost priority and we give you numerous reasons to count on us, in case if you are looking for superior quality braided copper wire.

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